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My Current Panohead Design

June 2010

If you have arrived at this page without seeing my previous attempts you may want to visit those pages to get a better understanding of what I have been building.

Increasing Resolution - where the whole thing began for me.
Thoughts on a digital workflow - this is a good description of the process of mosaics shot with a panorama head.
Original Panohead Design -
Building a Universal Panorama Head - my first and very crude build of a general purpose panorama head.
Panohead Design Update - the design wich immediately predates this one.

Current Panohead View 1
Latest Construction Previous Construction
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Above (left) is the panohead I am currently using. This version was built for me by William Koenig. Bill found my last article Panorama Head Update on my website and we collaborated on some design refinements. Along with being a skilled photographer, Bill is a skilled machinist. After he constructed his panohead he was kind enough to execute one for me.

The refinements in this design include:


CAD Drawings 

Pivot Components
Click for PDF
Rotating Base
Click for PDF
Vertical Assembly
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Vertical Arm
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Future Improvements

I'm considering adding locking detents to the base assembly to make shooting a panorama a bit faster. Below are some quick renderings of how I think this might work. The idea is to attach a ring to the base that has notches cut at all the positions I would like the base to stop at. There is a spring loaded pin that fits into the notch. Conceptually pretty simple. I have yet to try executing it. My biggest problem is that I'm a complete hack at machining. I have no skills so anything I attempt is just winging it. (That's why Bill making me a panohead was such a gift.)

As always I'm open to ideas and suggestions.


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